Depaul Slovakia

Depaul Slovensko is a non-profit organisation which aims to address the needs of homeless people sleeping rough in Bratislava, Slovakia's capital city. 

Our service provides a low threshold nightshelter and also offers day centre facilities for the elderly and sick.  We also run a residential shelter for the long term sick and vulnerable. 

Depaul Slovensko is part of Depaul International, a group of charities working to support homeless and marginalised people around the world.

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Latest News

Visit of The Dutches of Norfolk22 May 2014
Visit of The Dutches of Norfolk
On 13-14th of May, The Duchess of Norfolk, Patron of Depaul International visited Bratislava to... »
Vyhlásenie Verejného obstarávania31 March 2014
Vyhlásenie Verejného obstarávania
Rekonštrukcia nocľahárne. Depaul Slovensko vyhlasuje Výzvu na predkladanie ponúk k Verejnému... »
St. Martin's Collection13 March 2014
St. Martin's Collection
On 12. March 2014 archbishop Mons. Stanislav Zvolenský donated to Depaul Slovensko a symbolic... »

Joss Stone at Nightshelter

Recently we welcomed a lovely guest.

l Joss Stone portret mensi

Public collection results

Public collection results as of 2nd of July 2014:

5.042,00 € - reconstruction of nightshelter (VS 111)
   612,62 € - medical supplies (VS 222)
1.645,00 € - help for individual clients (VS 333)
   490,00 € - urgent needs (VS 444)
     45,00 € - theatre and creative work (VS 777)
 2.068,00€ - Christmas 
 4.337,54 € - not specified donations

Total 14.240,16 €

Public collection bank account: 2629476021/1100. Use Variable Symbol (VS) to specify the purpose of your donation.

Sending empty text message (SMS) to number 827 donates 3 to this collection.
Big thanks to all our donors.
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